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DB9-DB9 Serial Cable Pack (For DirecTV Sony Receivers)

This package provides all the cables for tuning Sony DirecTV receivers over a serial connection using Beyond TV.

  • DB9-DB9 Serial Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Video Cable


Use this cable pack from SnapStream to connect your Sony DirecTV satellite receiver to your PC. Beyond TV has built-in support for controlling DirecTV set-top boxes via the serial port or "low-speed data port."

To ensure compatibility, verify that your Sony set-top box has a 9-pin (DB9) low-speed data port connector.

Note: Review the SnapStream Knowledge Base article " Compatible DirecTV Receivers" for a list of Sony receiver model numbers that will work with Beyond TV.


  • DB9-DB9 Cable (10 ft)
  • Audio Cable (3.5mm phono to stereo RCA male plugs, 10 ft)
  • Video Cable (RCA male plug to RCA male plug, 10 ft)

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