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DVICO FusionHDTV 5 RT Lite (ATSC TV tuner) + FREE Antenna
This bundle includes all the hardware you need to start recording your favorite TV shows in beautiful, high-quality HDTV:
  • DVICO FusionHDTV5 RT Lite ATSC TV Tuner (PCI)
  • FREE Philips/Zenith P/ZHDTV1 Indoor HDTV Antenna ($39.99 value)*
  • FREE high-quality RG-6 coaxial (6-ft) ($5.00 value)*
(Note: Beyond TV sold separately)

* Limited time special offer

The DVico FusionHDTV 5 RT Lite tuner card has been discontinued by DVico-- limited quantities remaining at SnapStream. The AVerMedia A180 HD tuner card can be purchased as an alternative to the RT Lite.
$144.98 $99.99

Bundle Contents:

DVICO's FusionHDTV 5 RT Lite

  • HDTV(1920x1080i)/Analog TV reception card
  • High resolution - crystal clear picture quality
  • Enhanced reception rate with the latest 5th generation chipset from LG
  • Supports digital cable (64/256 clear-QAM)*
  • Supports HDTV Multi-lingual, Stereo, 5.1ch
  • ATSC 18 formats compliant

Contents: FusionHDTV5 RT Lite board, Setup CD (driver and DVICO software), Manual, Internal sound cable

* While Beyond TV 4 does not yet support clear-QAM, the included DVICO software does

FREE Philips/Zenith P/ZHDTV1 HDTV Indoor Antenna (a $39.99 value!)

Highly Directional with a high front-to-back ratio that helps reject unwanted multi-path signal corruption. This ensures densely populated urban areas receive clear HDTV and data broadcasting signals.
  • Even Response - A flat forward gain slope delivers balanced reception throughout UHF, ensuring maximum channels are received at the same quality.
  • Proven in the Field - Not only has the Silver Sensor proven itself in front of the FCC, but it is now the "reference antenna" for data broadcasting.
  • Easy to install

FREE RG-6 coaxial cable (a $5.00 value!)

6-ft of high-quality RG-6 coaxial cable with molded connectors and nickel fittings -- perfect for carrying a high-quality picture from your HDTV antenna to your DVICO tuner card.

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