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IR Blaster (USB-UIRT) Cable Pack with Blink Emitter Add-on
This USB device creates a wireless, infrared connection between your cable or satellite box and the PC running Beyond TV.

(Includes audio/video cables, and blink emitter.)


The USB-UIRT, short for "Universal Infrared Receiver/Transmitter," allows any USB-equipped PC to exchange infrared signals with common audio/video equipment. For Beyond TV users who receive their television signal via satellite or cable boxes, the USB-UIRT completes a critical link: it allows the PC running Beyond TV to tune to the channels received on your receiver box so you can watch live TV and make recordings. Best of all...the infrared signal means that the connection between PC and receiver box is wireless. Additionally, this USB device does away with the hassles of similar devices that use a serial connection.

Included Blink Emitter

The USB-UIRT also includes a "Blink Emitter" add-on. One end of the Blink Emitter plugs into the back of the UIRT, while the other end can be securely fastened directly to the front of your cable box or satellite receiver. Using the Blink Emitter means higher success rate when changing channels on the external tuner since the signal is being blasted directly into the tuner's IR receiver.

Features and Specifications

Plug and Play
The USB-UIRT is a plug 'n' play USB Device, so it's easy to setup. Simply plug it into any PC running Windows and you will automatically be prompted for the driver disk.

Head: 1.5"(W) x 2.4"(L) x .75"(H)
Cord: 6' (L)

This USB-UIRT does not include the additional 56KHz IR Sensor. See the USB-UIRT website for complete technical specifications.

Pre-defined cable and satellite boxes
The device codes for the following cable and satellite boxes are pre-defined in Beyond TV, so the USB-UIRT will immediately tune to these cable and satellite boxes. If the particular model of cable or satellite box you're using doesn't appear in this list, you can train the USB-UIRT to communicate with it.

DSS DishPlayer 7200
Echostar 370
Echostar 1000
Echostar 2500
Echostar 3000
Echostar 3800
Echostar 4000
Echostar 4700
Echostar 4720
Echostar 4722
Echostar 6000
Echostar 7700
General Instruments Satellite Receiver DSR-922 4DTV
General Instruments Cable Box CFT-2100
General Instruments Cable Box CFT-2200
General Instruments Cable Box DCT-2000
Hughes GCEB0
Hughes GAEB0
Hughes HTL-HD
Jerrold Cable Box CDT-2100
Mitsubishi DSS Receiver SR-HD5
Motorola Cable Box DCT-2000
Motorola Cable Box DCT-2244
Nokia Satellite Receiver MediaMaster 9200
Pioneer Cable Box BA-6300
Scientific Atlanta Cable Box 8602
Scientific Atlanta Cable Box Explorer 2000
Scientific Atlanta Cable Box Explorer 2100
Scientific Atlanta Cable Box Explorer 3100
Sony DHG-M55CV
Sony SAS-A3
Sony SAS-A4
Sony SAT-A2
Sony SAT-A3
Sony SAT-A50
Sony SAT-B1
Sony SAT-B3
Sony SAT-B50
Sony SAT-B55
Sony SAT-B65
Sony SAT-HD100
Sony SAT-HD200
Sony TV
Starchoice 405
Tocom Cable Box 5507
Toshiba TRX-2022
Zenith Cable Box ST-1600

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Technical note
Multiple USB-UIRT devices can be used on a single PC at the same time if you are running Beyond TV version 4.7 or higher.